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Highly Commended Award


What an honour it was to be awarded the  "Highly Commended Award" at the opening of the Ceramic Arts Association Members Selective Exhibition Opening, on 12th April 2013, by Professor Ted Snell AM CitWA UWA.    



Photo by Victor France.

Highly Commended Certificate 12April2013 CAAWA reduced file size Victor France Lime and Lunar Crater Glaze Award Winner 2013 CA 03 (2)

Photograph by Victor France.

The pictures above show 'turning' or 'trimming' which is an integral part of creating pottery.  It changes the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It changes the form and makes a huge difference to how a pot looks and sits.


Trimming is done on leatherhard pots, they are turned upside down on the wheel, then tools are used to trim away the clay to refine the shape of the lower part of the pot and also to create the foot.  The foot of a of a pot is the circle on which it sits,  the clay is removed from the centre to the outside to create the size and shape that is needed for the type of pot.  It is amazing to see the change from start to finish.  


Lines or grooves can also be made on the outside of the pot, which makes a difference to how glaze sits on the pot, so each mark is important.  It is quite time consuming, but very rewarding.   It is one of the many processes that each hand-thrown pot goes through.  This is where you can see the quality and time that goes into each one and why hand-made pottery costs more than mass produced, cast wares.