Ceramic Artist

Jackie Masters

Gertrud & Otto NATZLER Ceramics

Gertrud and Otto Natzler, originally from Austria, escaped to America when the Germans took  power.  Gertrud was the maker, creating and throwing the pots and Otto the glaze magician.  


Together they produced pots with clean simple lines which were enhanced by the amazing glazes that Otto mastered.  Their work was mainly low fired earthenware, which assisted them with their  vast and vibrant colour range, such bright colours are harder to achieve at higher temperatures.  Their pots seem to have the same simplistic influence as those of Lucie Rie.  It seems these types of pots command attention because of their subtlety and their wonderful craftsmanship.  Their use of Volcanic or Crater Glazes is also wonderful to see.  Interesting the photographs make the pots look quite large, but in fact many are quite small.

1966 Catalogue

Copy of 1966 Catalogue

The Ceramic Work of

Gertrud & Otto Natzler

A Retrospective Exhibition

Cobalt Blue straight side bowl Gertrud and Otto Natzler Natzler Black vase Natzler blue and brown bowl with crater effect Natzler blue bowl Natzler blue bowl rounded Natzler bowl Natzler bright green altered bowl Natzler brown earthenware bowl 1958 Natzler Ceramics on Maloof Coffee Table Natzler Crater Bowl Natzler Earth Crater Glaze 1965 Natzler Crater green black bowl Natzler three green pots Natzler group of 3 pots Natzler-Gertrud-2