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Jackie Masters

By Jackie Masters, Mar 17 2018 02:04PM

Well…. where do I start? Maybe with the word EPIC and then START TO THE YEAR! Or maybe I should say ERIC start to the year! It all started with me, as a resident teacher at Perth Studio Potters, being asked to assist with the Eric Landon (Tortus) workshops. Basically, assisting him in running his workshop, pugging clay, talking to students, helping with lunches, cleaning up and getting to watch Eric in between all of that, not an opportunity I could pass up. So…. we chatted about my work and as he couldn’t access my website, the next day I brought some of my pieces in for him to see. He loved them and took two of them, yes, that’s right, Eric Landon of Tortus Copenhagen, loved my pots and will take them back home with him. Well, it didn’t end there, he posted a pic of my pots on his Instagram page (10/1/18) and that boosted my meagre number of followers immensely. Since then, I have worked very hard creating posts and have steadily gained followers and what can I say, I love telling a story and it seems that people must like what I am presenting. So that is the very beginning of my very pottery focussed year. More to tell as well….. soon!

Check out my Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/masters_jackie/

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