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By Jackie Masters, Dec 10 2018 07:00AM

I am so very thrilled to have an article published in the November edition of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. Vicki Grima OAM, the Editor of the Magazine contacted me a few months ago with regards to running an article on me and my exploration of volcanic glazes. Putting it all together was quite a journey and one that sent me down memory lane. Looking back over my years with clay made me realise just how far I have come and how hard I have worked to get to where I am today. My most recent work, which features in the magazine, is a culmination of years of refining my throwing skills and my perseverance with glaze development and testing, all of which I love immensely. Vicki Grima came over to Perth to launch this latest edition (one of only 3 editions per year!) and to meet the amazing potters that are busy creating in this wonderful part of Australia.

The launch took place Perth Studio Potters (which is also where I teach) and there were over 70 potters and lovers of clay in attendance. My pottery journey is now in print (over 6 pages!) in this magnificent magazine. This, November edition, is all about 'Exploring Surface' so mine is just one of many incredible articles, from a plethora of very interesting Australian artists each of which talks about how they approach the clay surface. This is a

world class magazine, well worth a look, see www.australianceramics.com for more information.

Photo's below are: Me holding the Magazine (this lovely photo was taken by Tracey-Lee at Perth Studio Potters)

Then there is Vicki Grima OAM and myself

Finally a sneak peak of the article.

By Jackie Masters, Mar 17 2018 02:04PM

Well…. where do I start? Maybe with the word EPIC and then START TO THE YEAR! Or maybe I should say ERIC start to the year! It all started with me, as a resident teacher at Perth Studio Potters, being asked to assist with the Eric Landon (Tortus) workshops. Basically, assisting him in running his workshop, pugging clay, talking to students, helping with lunches, cleaning up and getting to watch Eric in between all of that, not an opportunity I could pass up. So…. we chatted about my work and as he couldn’t access my website, the next day I brought some of my pieces in for him to see. He loved them and took two of them, yes, that’s right, Eric Landon of Tortus Copenhagen, loved my pots and will take them back home with him. Well, it didn’t end there, he posted a pic of my pots on his Instagram page (10/1/18) and that boosted my meagre number of followers immensely. Since then, I have worked very hard creating posts and have steadily gained followers and what can I say, I love telling a story and it seems that people must like what I am presenting. So that is the very beginning of my very pottery focussed year. More to tell as well….. soon!

Check out my Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/masters_jackie/

By Jackie Masters, Nov 26 2017 01:00PM

Just where have the last few months gone? Well, they have certainly gone super fast, but have been so wonderfully filled with clay! I have tried to come up with some different things this year to showcase at the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar, I hope to have something for everyone. I will not only have dog bowls that slow down their eating process, oven-proof bakers in which to cook cheese, but also some new volcanic pots adorned with my new experimental and vibrant glazes. So why not pop down and say hello, I am stall number 6.

2017 Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar Christmas Market

December 1-3

Friday night 5pm-10pm (the bar will be open as well as delicious food stalls!)

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

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