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By Jackie Masters, Apr 5 2018 10:47AM

What a day it has been! Setting up for the Botanica Exhibition down at the Moores Gallery in Fremantle. There are 10 amazing artists in total exhibiting and the work is exciting, fresh and diverse. With 2 lovely fellow potters, we spent the day re-painting the gallery plinths with white paint prior to arranging them and then setting up our work. It was excellent to see the gallery go from a large open space, to a structured and filled area.

There are some people to send a big thank you to and these are Natalie Acton for organising the event and pulling us altogether (even with only a month to go before baby is born), Jacek Gosalves for supporting Natalie, Danica Wichtermann for organising the payment system and Stewart Scambler for his generosity in lending us his own perfectly painted plinths (I love how potters club together!) Also, Samantha (I think) for the amazingly wonderful flyer, you are super talented indeed and your design is one that we all love so much.

Now awaiting opening night tomorrow! We are all super excited. Here are some pics of the set-up, lighting not completed yet, but still looking good!

By Jackie Masters, Dec 4 2017 07:10AM

It was so lovely to meet some amazing people at Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar this weekend, even the exceptionally hot weather didn’t deter those eager supporters of handmade craft. Talking pottery for 3 days straight, to all the lovely shoppers, made it an absolute joy.

I was staggered by the number of people that were return customers, lovers of my volcanic glazes, there were a great number who came to purchase their 2nd, 3rd, or for some their 5th piece of my work, with others returning to buy for gifts. There were also a great deal of people who, fell in love with and bought their first piece and many asked if I would be back again next year.

So to all of my supporters, who braved the heat, thank you, it is for you that I make pots, I know my pieces will be going to good homes and will be cherished.

The great news is that now I have created some space in my studio, I can continue making and of course doing some more mad experiments with glazes (I just can’t help myself!)

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