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By Jackie Masters, Aug 24 2014 05:09AM

My latest firing has revealed some wonderful new pots. My glazing process was methodical and well thought out and the results were well worth the effort. My cupboards are now bulging with new glazes just waiting to have their turn; it is akin to having a box of chocolates and not knowing which one to eat next! What a wonderful dilemma to have!

Carefully matching glazes so there will be contrast and excitement meant that some pots had several layers and coats of various types of glaze, which takes days to do due to the drying times. I could really only guess what the result would be and yes there were a few that just didn't work, but then there are those that were "just right". It is always so lovely to find those "just right" ones, they feel right, the colours work and the glazing enhances the form, it all comes together in one special pot.

So now, with even more glaze tests ready to be fired, my already eclectic array of new glazes, I really am all fired up to make some more forms to take on these lovely glazes; to create new pots that will hopefully be "just right!"

By Jackie Masters, Jul 27 2014 10:22AM

Friday night saw me attend the SAS Resources Fund Charity Dinner, which I assist with the organisation of, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the formation on the SAS Regiment. It was an amazing night, with over 900 people there supporting this worthy charity. Even though the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Prime Minister Tony Abbott, had to attend to other duties, the night was still a wonderful success.

The ladies axillary of the SAS, have been holding annual art exhibitions and this year they will be celebrating their 40th exhibition. How amazing! I am so happy to be a part of this momentous event and can’t wait to showcase some of my latest pots. Tomorrow will be the final firing, so my fingers will be firmly crossed all day, in the hope of a successful firing.

The opening night of the exhibition is on 15th August 2014 and the exhibition will run until Sunday 17th August 2014, at Leeuwin Barracks, Riverside Road in East Fremantle. There are some fantastic artists involved, so it will definitely be worth dropping in and checking this out. Make sure you pop in and see my pots!

By Jackie Masters, Jul 22 2014 10:33AM

WOW... what a great exhibition. It was surprising how well organised and planned this exhibition was, especially considering that this was their first. They called upon seasoned professionals for advice and it paid off. The exhibition, in the school hall, was extremely well presented. Small details made a big difference. They paired my pots with some beautiful paintings which complimented their colour and in some ways their texture, so they worked so well together. This could be seen throughout the exhibition, which definitely created a flow and the feel of a confident curator. Success in the selling my pots as well.

I have to say, I would be happy to be invited back next year!

By Jackie Masters, Jul 15 2014 01:56PM

I am not sure where the time is going, but it seems no sooner does the month start, that I find we are half way through!

My latest firing has seen some lovely pots emerge from the kiln together of course, with a sufficient amount of wonderful new glaze tests (I just can't help myself!)

I was a hard decision which pots to choose from that latest firing, to enter into the Pigments of your Imagination exhibition which is on this weekend at Carmel School Hall in Dianella. It is the first time that they have put on this exhibition and it seems like it is going to be quite a big affair with some very well known artists exhibiting.

Hopefully it will be a successful event, and I am also looking forward to catching up with some fellow potters at the champagne opening on Saturday night!

By Jackie Masters, Apr 11 2014 02:40PM

Ok... I admit it... I think I may have a small glaze addiction problem... I just can't resist making more and more testers. Just when I thought I had enough glazes to last me the next 10 years, I think, I bet I could just change that glaze just a little bit, make it brighter, or make it darker or making slightly more pink, or slightly more blue; then what if I added this or that, the thought process goes on and on.

My latest glaze firing included around 45 testers distributed throughout and around a lovely selection of Lunar Volcanic glazed pots, some of which also included tests on the interiors (my fingers were firmly crossed for that firing!) The tests turned out just amazing, I am so very excited and can't wait to make larger batches up and see them on large pots.

One of the tests I worked on was a set of "plum" glazes. Three different colour plums, which I used on a set of three lovely little pots. These were just some of those which I sold at the Perth College Art Exhibition last weekend. I hope their new owner loves them just as much as I did.

By Jackie Masters, Mar 31 2014 12:55PM

OK, even after all the years of my daughters attending Perth College, I have never entered the PC Art Exhibition, but that has now all changed! The "Art at PC" Exhibition starts this Friday night, 4th April, with the champagne opening (need to book for that!) but runs over the weekend of 5th & 6th April, 2014. There are some amazing artists exhibiting this year and I am so proud to be a part of it. I have on exhibit some lovely volcanic pots with some exciting new coloured glazes, as well as a really different bronze glaze, which has lovely chrystal growth blooming throughout the exterior glaze, it is just lovely.

So make sure you pop in and check out all of the wonderful art on offer.

By Jackie Masters, Feb 19 2014 01:18AM

My studio is calling; it wants me back, back into the cycle, back into creating, back into its happy surrounds to make pots.

I honestly want to skip out to the studio and sing Zippity Do Dah, Zippity Yay, because my oh my it is a wonderful studio day! Finally, February arrives and it is time to really get into it, life returns to the more routine pattern and the fun begins.

My problem is too many ideas! Is that really a problem? It is choosing which ideas to go with that is the issue. One of the first jobs is another round of glaze tests. As if I haven't got enough already, I just can't resist, I am addicted to glazes and the joy they bring.

I am also working on some pieces for the "Art at PC" exhibition which is held in the Perth College Pavilion with the grand opening on the night of Friday 4th April, 2014 and will run through Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th April, 2014. I need to get a move on with this as the time really is flying by.

So it is over and out from the happy potter!

By Jackie Masters, Dec 10 2013 05:25AM

What a fabulous and exciting weekend, I can't quite believe the response to my pots. So many people saying how much they just loved them. It was wonderful to get such positive feedback and I thank everyone who stopped by for a chat; for those who know me, they will attest to the fact that I just can't help but talk and talk and talk about pottery; well after all it is a big part of who I am.

I hope everyone loves their pots and enjoys using them or receiving them as gifts, I can only tell you that there were many people who spent a lot of time assessing and choosing just the right pot for that special person they were buying for.

I did try to make almost every pot different in some way, so there were a great choice of shapes, tall deep bowls, shallow bowls, rounded or angled and my plan that people would fall in love with a particular shape, or a particular colour worked well, with some people loving and buying several!

My volcanic range was a success, although I sold some of my own personal favourites, they were all going to good homes and to people who would really treasure and enjoy them and many said they wanted to start a collection.

Thank you all for your support and feedback. Please send me an email or fill out the mailing list form so I can send you an update now and again. I am hoping to hold a studio open day at some stage next year and would love to see you all again.

Now... to unpack the unsold pots and get potting again.

By Jackie Masters, Dec 3 2013 06:58AM

Today is Tuesday. My kiln is cooling, this is a slow process and I just can't wait to open it to hopefully see a successful firing of colourful glazed pots, but I have to wait, or my glazes will be ruined. This is my final firing before the Fremantle Bazaar.

I have been so busy pricing, packing and organising, as well as managing to attend events, host birthday parties, attend to the mundane duties that go with running a house, that this week has somehow snuck up on me and I can't believe Bazaar is this Friday, how exciting.

Hopefully I will have time to take some pictures and update the blog over the weekend. Totally looking forward to a lovely weekend in Fremantle!

By Jackie Masters, Nov 27 2013 03:41AM

Updating the website has been on my “to do list”, along with a great many other things, for some time now! But, I have made a decent start and am so happy to get rid of the dull and serious and bring in the fresh, fun and the new.

The bright happy theme, is not only evident in my website update, but also in my new pottery range, which is filled with vibrant colours and lovely forms, which I have thoroughly enjoyed making.

It has been lovely to see my glaze tests come together with my new shapes to create some really great pots.

My new “Lunar” Volcanic glaze, in black and white, sits so beautifully on the pots, you just can’t help but want to touch them.

I just can't wait for the Fremantle Bazaar next week, to share my new work with customers and collectors and gauge their reactions.

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