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By Jackie Masters, Apr 25 2017 01:59PM

It was wonderful to see red dots on my work at the CAAWA Selective exhibition at Heathcote, when I popped in on Sunday.

Both pieces were the result of a very long thought and glazing process, which includes layers of slips, engobes and glazes with multiple firings. Getting all the elements to come together and then for it to survive the kiln is quite an achievement.

The blue bowl has the most brilliant matt glaze which has crystal growths throughout, making this a truly one off, unique piece. I was almost sad to see that it had sold as it was one that I would loved to have kept . But, the journey in realising this glaze was wonderful and has inspired me into yet further exploration of that particular glaze.

The lovely softness of the green glaze on the vase, with the darkness and depth of the volcanic section made this another piece that I would like to have kept.

I hope that the new owners of these pots will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

By Jackie Masters, Feb 28 2017 02:19AM

The kiln is almost at the right temperature to open and yes, I have opened the door to assist the final degrees, even though I know I should be more patient and leave it longer. It is only a bisque firing, but I still feel like I can’t wait. I have thrown some lovely bowls and pots and I really want to meet them and handle them, that way, I can then start the long process of deciding what engobes and glazes to apply to each one. The trouble is of course, that I am a mad experimenter and take quite a lot of risks with unknown combinations of things, a bit of this and a dash of that, and oh, why not just make a whole new glaze to pop onto that pot, which can sometimes work out fantastically, or simply doesn’t quite work. I suppose that is the thrill and just part of the way that I push the boundaries.

I am trying to push for all of this to come together because I will be putting work into the Ceramic Arts Association of WA (CAAWA) exhibition which will run in March/April and I have to advise them of what I am submitting, which at this stage I have no idea as they are not finished. So, it is into the studio today to make some decisions and make a start. Hopefully they will work out and I will actually have work for sale in this exhibition, details are below.

CAAWA Members Selective Exhibition (Pippin Drysdale is the guest selector and should be there on opening night to present awards – all work will be for sale)

Opening Night: 6.00pm Friday 24th March 2017

Exhibition: 24/3/17 to 30/4/17

Heathcote Museum & Gallery is located at Swan House, Heathcote Cultural Precinct,

58 Duncraig Road, Applecross.

Website www.heathcotewa.com

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am to 3.00pm

Saturday and Sunday, 12.00pm to 4.00pm

Closed on Mondays

By Jackie Masters, Jan 15 2017 01:16PM

2017 has arrived! This year will be a different year for me as my focus will be making pots, finally, at last, after all this time, I can submerge myself in the mystical, creative wonders of clay. But first, I must reflect on the fantastic Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar Christmas Market; which was my great pleasure to be a part of. Thank you to all the amazing people that I met who were buying WA handmade gifts for friends and loved ones, it is you guys that have made a conscious decision to support our arty passions, that makes it all worthwhile.

To all those who received my carefully crafted pots as gifts, I hope you enjoy their textures, their colours the way they feel in your hands, that is just part of the charm that I hope I have instilled in them; of course, the people that bought these things generally put a lot of thought into who they are buying for, to get it just right; I just love that.

So back to the future! I don't possess a crystal ball (nor would I want to) but I can see clearly my pottery path and can't wait for this new journey to start.

I spent today starting a massive clear out of my studio and what a trip down memory lane it has been. I still have a few of the very first pots that I made, all the way back in 1994; my first wheel thrown pottery adventures at the Perth Potters Club with Cath Evans as my clay guide (what a fabulous lady!) Majolica glazed earthenware was the order of the day with the lovely white tin glaze adorned with my less than adequate attempts at decoration (thus I now work with glazes, not painted decoration as such!) It has been lovely to reconnect with where I started and my head is swimming with ideas for my new adventures in forms and glaze.

So, let it begin, let 2017 take hold of me, let the potter within come out and hopefully I will be closer to finding out for what inexplicable reason I was given this odd ability to throw pots on a wheel without really being taught; a process of which I am still in awe and can't quite believe.

By Jackie Masters, Oct 19 2016 11:33AM

I am so thrilled to be super busy and up to my elbows in clay because I will again have a stall at the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar this year. Yay! It is such a delight to be producing so many new pots and this year some new glaze colours too, which I have been testing over the past 2 months. It is always so exciting to have the opportunity that Bazaar presents, in unleashing some of my new experiments on avid ceramic and pottery fans.

Bazaar is such a wonderful craft fair, set in beautiful grounds and it is extremely well run and the food, well, that has been amazing at the previous Bazaar’s. Friday night is a wonderful time to visit and they have a bar, so you can come for dinner and grab a drink while you wander around and have first pick of the unique items on offer by so many amazing WA artists.

So come on down and see me at Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar - 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle

5.00pm – 10.00pm Friday 2/12/16

9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday 3/12/16

9.00am – 5.00pm Sunday 4/12/16

By Jackie Masters, Mar 4 2016 08:18AM

Nothing changes until you make it change.

With me that makes a great deal of sense, but is harder than it sounds. It was time for a change, thus the updated website with some new pictures. It is time to get serious about this clay thing, because it is just who I am and for some reason I just can't leave it alone. Why do I have this ability to make things with clay? Why was I born with this skill? Odd really. Armed with too many ideas, too many glaze recipes and potentially more time, I hope that 2016 will prove to be a change for me.

Clay doesn't change unless you make it change, there must be a lesson in that somewhere. A revolving pot on the wheel is determined by each move you make, by each decision to push it or pull it, changing it, making it evolve. So life is clay and clay is life. Simple.

By Jackie Masters, Dec 7 2015 01:44PM

Wow, what a weekend that was. Thank you to all those lovely people who came to my stall at the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar and purchased my special hand-made creations, I truly hope that you all enjoy using them or giving them as gifts.

The weather was unseasonably cool and rainy, but that did not deter those serious shoppers and collectors, who wanted to find those hand-made treasures, which were aplenty at the Bazaar. Such an amazing group of artisans, all in one place, showcasing their best work; it was a pleasure to be counted amongst them.

To all those people who came to find me again this year, thank you! You make it all worthwhile and to discuss the pots you had purchased in previous years, while looking through my current work, to find that special piece to take home this year, was sheer joy.

I have so many exciting ideas for the coming year and of course, as usual, my glaze addiction will continue, which means that I just can’t wait to get into the studio again and start making and testing, to come up with even more special pieces.

All the very best for a Merry Christmas and a totally pottery filled New Year!

By Jackie Masters, Oct 4 2015 09:33AM

Is there something going on that I don't know about? Something that is speeding time up and making it disappear? That is what this year feels like. But the good news is that I have been extremely busy in my studio making lots of new pots and have done yet more glaze tests, so my glaze addiction continues and I have so many that I am finding it rather hard to keep track of them. There are so many beautiful glazes, matt, satin, gloss, textured, volcanic, well the list goes on and it seems I just want to test and master them all.

The GREAT NEWS is that I will be at the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar again this year and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it, I am simply bursting with excitement.

I have so much new work in progress that really will be some of my best and can’t wait to share my new creations with all the wonderful people attending. Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar is such a wonderful Christmas market; it is lovely to talk to people about clay and pottery for 3 days! What more could I possibly want?

So for anyone in Perth on 4th, 5th or 6th December 2015, you can come down to the beautiful Fremantle Arts Centre and see me and my pots. I look forward to seeing you there.

By Jackie Masters, May 3 2015 12:20PM

The first part of this year has seen some excellent advances in my glazes, yes, that means I have been busy doing MORE glaze tests (I just can't get enough!). Although these have been extremely time consuming, they have also been thought provoking, rewarding and really exciting!!!

Some of the latest pots to come out of the kiln would be some of my best ever, well the glaze detail anyway. These go hand in hand with my NEW LOVE......... Southern Ice Porcelain! Where has this stuff been hiding? Why haven't I found this before? I love it, I can throw with it, but , there is a but, it is sticky stuff to work with, but wow the glazes, the translucency, the feel, it is so, so lovely.

With more glaze test waiting and more ideas than ever before, I feel I am really moving forwards.... bring on the next firing!

By Jackie Masters, Jan 1 2015 02:45PM

2015 has arrived. Looking back at 2014 I feel like I have come a long way as a ceramic artist, but it did bring with it many questions… Yes, this is my calling, I know that, but why was I given the ability to make pots? Why was I given the drive to conquer this difficult task? Why does clay make me need it so much?

It is just something that is “in me”, a huge part of me, a passion, a love and a joy. Making pots brings me happiness, but sharing my love of clay and my pots with the world brings happiness to many people.

My stall at the recent Fremantle Bazaar was such a wonderful experience. Talking about pottery, to other lovers of pottery, whether they were buying a special gift for someone else, or something for themselves, was fantastic; three days of non-stop pots! I could not ask for anything more; I was in my element. That is when all my questions were answered. I make pots to share, to talk about, to be used and for others to collect or give as gifts, specially chosen with a real story behind them and a real person. Pots that have the mark of the maker, not only in their form, but in the glazes that brings them to life. Pots that will hold food that will be shared between special people and pots that are simply lovely to look at.

With my questions answered I now head into 2015 with confidence, new found determination and the pure joy of having clay on my hands (on my clothes, my shoes, my face and in my hair!)

By Jackie Masters, Sep 2 2014 12:35PM

YAY, YAY, YAY.... I made it. The Fremantle Arts Cente Bazaar wants me back and what can I say, I want them back too.

I L O V E D last year, every foot-aching minute!!! Talking to so many wonderful pottery lovers, what could be better, really! Even though my feet hurt, I would have stood on them another day or two, just to enjoy the moment and chat to the people about pots, pots and more pots!

I have so many new ideas and of course my glaze adiction continues, so there will be some lovely new glazes, techniques and utterly lovely pots made from that lovely, wonderful stuff called clay (I just can't get enought of it!)

So, you just have to come visit me on DECEMBER 5th (Friday night), 6th the Saturday or Sunday the 7th. But of course seasoned visitors will know that all the very best stuff gets put out by all stall holders on the Friday night and Saturday (dependent on the kiln of course!) So don't wait, I make ONE-OFF POTS, you need to get the really amazing ones that get put out first, so get there first!!!

Only kidding, of course all of the pots will be amazing and just what you are looking for. I look forward to some excellent chats with the visitors, about a great aray of things, but mainly about pottery of course! See you there!

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