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Jackie Masters


By Jackie Masters, Oct 8 2017 02:09PM

Formulating a new series of glazes, is a journey of discovery, one which takes you down many roads, crooked paths and is totally exciting and consuming. The last few months of intense testing has produced some incredible results which are not only rich in colour but also texture.

My idea of capturing the colours of the Australian landscape is becoming a reality. The brilliant iron reds of the outback, the intense blue of the sky and oceans, the vibrant green of the bush and the textures of limestone outcrops can now be readily seen in my work. Multiple glazes coming together on one piece, working together, blending and enhancing the shape of the thrown form, it is all quite humbling.

Below is a simple photo of pots on my bench that emerged from the kiln just a few days ago, a view from above of just some of the new colours; a pic I just love.

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