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MOVING FORWARD, glazing and my new love...

By Jackie Masters, May 3 2015 12:20PM

The first part of this year has seen some excellent advances in my glazes, yes, that means I have been busy doing MORE glaze tests (I just can't get enough!). Although these have been extremely time consuming, they have also been thought provoking, rewarding and really exciting!!!

Some of the latest pots to come out of the kiln would be some of my best ever, well the glaze detail anyway. These go hand in hand with my NEW LOVE......... Southern Ice Porcelain! Where has this stuff been hiding? Why haven't I found this before? I love it, I can throw with it, but , there is a but, it is sticky stuff to work with, but wow the glazes, the translucency, the feel, it is so, so lovely.

With more glaze test waiting and more ideas than ever before, I feel I am really moving forwards.... bring on the next firing!

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