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Jackie Masters

Journey of an Australian trio!

By Jackie Masters, Mar 6 2019 12:44PM

My plight to create coloured glazes and textural glazes that capture the Australian landscape and bushland are really starting to come together; these three are such a wonderful example of that. I cannot believe how incredible some of the volcanic/lava glaze sections are working. I spend so much time creating the colourful glazes that will work well with these rough and textured surfaces; they are something completely different, there is something new every time I open that kiln door and it so very exciting to be creating these pots; they make me so very happy. I truly love where I am right now, creating pieces that have so much thought and so many processes, but still somehow they manage to be modern with clean lines; it is a dream come true. With each glaze firing I fall in love with all my experiments, because they are working and the pots that are made from these risks that I take are proving to actually be 'right decisions' not just risks; I love that! I am so very thrilled to be sending pots like these all around the world; I am so humbled and appreciative of those who support my art and my work; thank you! So today I am sharing a happy insight into a great deal of time and effort that is paying off with good, modern pots that travel the world!

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