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Fremantle Arts Center Christmas BAZAAR - Here I come!!! (again - YAY!!!)

By Jackie Masters, Sep 2 2014 12:35PM

YAY, YAY, YAY.... I made it. The Fremantle Arts Cente Bazaar wants me back and what can I say, I want them back too.

I L O V E D last year, every foot-aching minute!!! Talking to so many wonderful pottery lovers, what could be better, really! Even though my feet hurt, I would have stood on them another day or two, just to enjoy the moment and chat to the people about pots, pots and more pots!

I have so many new ideas and of course my glaze adiction continues, so there will be some lovely new glazes, techniques and utterly lovely pots made from that lovely, wonderful stuff called clay (I just can't get enought of it!)

So, you just have to come visit me on DECEMBER 5th (Friday night), 6th the Saturday or Sunday the 7th. But of course seasoned visitors will know that all the very best stuff gets put out by all stall holders on the Friday night and Saturday (dependent on the kiln of course!) So don't wait, I make ONE-OFF POTS, you need to get the really amazing ones that get put out first, so get there first!!!

Only kidding, of course all of the pots will be amazing and just what you are looking for. I look forward to some excellent chats with the visitors, about a great aray of things, but mainly about pottery of course! See you there!

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