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Exhibition at Heathcote April 2017 - success

By Jackie Masters, Apr 25 2017 01:59PM

It was wonderful to see red dots on my work at the CAAWA Selective exhibition at Heathcote, when I popped in on Sunday.

Both pieces were the result of a very long thought and glazing process, which includes layers of slips, engobes and glazes with multiple firings. Getting all the elements to come together and then for it to survive the kiln is quite an achievement.

The blue bowl has the most brilliant matt glaze which has crystal growths throughout, making this a truly one off, unique piece. I was almost sad to see that it had sold as it was one that I would loved to have kept . But, the journey in realising this glaze was wonderful and has inspired me into yet further exploration of that particular glaze.

The lovely softness of the green glaze on the vase, with the darkness and depth of the volcanic section made this another piece that I would like to have kept.

I hope that the new owners of these pots will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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