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Creating Empty Bowls!

By Jackie Masters, Jun 9 2018 01:44PM

The Empty Bowls Project Perth (supporting meals for the homeless) is underway, so I have spent a little time today creating a few bowls to donate to this worthy cause. Making bowls of course, is just the beginning, then there is the drying, trimming, bisque firing, cooling, unpacking, waxing, glazing, kiln packing, glaze firing, cooling, unpacking, sanding, packing and delivering to go; but for such a worthy cause and there are passionate potters all over Perth (in fact this is a worldwide project) madly making bowls that wonderful Perth people will buy, fill with donated soup (from amazing restaurants and café's) and then take their new found treasured bowl home to keep! A very nice way to get a hand-made pot!

The good news is that this is an incredibly, lovely way for people to come together to ultimately help feed the people that do not have permanent homes and need food, by supporting Foodbank. It is such an honour to be a tinsy, tiny part of this big project! If you are in Perth, you simply must come along to Christ Church Grammar School on Sunday 24th June, choose your favourite bowl and eat some soup while helping others; book your preferred eating time right now at: https://www.trybooking.com/book/sessions?eid=382374

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