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Jackie Masters


By Jackie Masters, Mar 4 2016 08:18AM

Nothing changes until you make it change.

With me that makes a great deal of sense, but is harder than it sounds. It was time for a change, thus the updated website with some new pictures. It is time to get serious about this clay thing, because it is just who I am and for some reason I just can't leave it alone. Why do I have this ability to make things with clay? Why was I born with this skill? Odd really. Armed with too many ideas, too many glaze recipes and potentially more time, I hope that 2016 will prove to be a change for me.

Clay doesn't change unless you make it change, there must be a lesson in that somewhere. A revolving pot on the wheel is determined by each move you make, by each decision to push it or pull it, changing it, making it evolve. So life is clay and clay is life. Simple.

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