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Jackie Masters


By Jackie Masters, Jan 1 2015 02:45PM

2015 has arrived. Looking back at 2014 I feel like I have come a long way as a ceramic artist, but it did bring with it many questions… Yes, this is my calling, I know that, but why was I given the ability to make pots? Why was I given the drive to conquer this difficult task? Why does clay make me need it so much?

It is just something that is “in me”, a huge part of me, a passion, a love and a joy. Making pots brings me happiness, but sharing my love of clay and my pots with the world brings happiness to many people.

My stall at the recent Fremantle Bazaar was such a wonderful experience. Talking about pottery, to other lovers of pottery, whether they were buying a special gift for someone else, or something for themselves, was fantastic; three days of non-stop pots! I could not ask for anything more; I was in my element. That is when all my questions were answered. I make pots to share, to talk about, to be used and for others to collect or give as gifts, specially chosen with a real story behind them and a real person. Pots that have the mark of the maker, not only in their form, but in the glazes that brings them to life. Pots that will hold food that will be shared between special people and pots that are simply lovely to look at.

With my questions answered I now head into 2015 with confidence, new found determination and the pure joy of having clay on my hands (on my clothes, my shoes, my face and in my hair!)

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