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By Jackie Masters, Nov 14 2019 08:36AM

It was so very exciting to be chosen as a finalist in the 2019 Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, which was held in July/August at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in NSW. The brief was all about the Australian Outback and as anyone who knows my work can attest, I am besotted with the rich Outback colours that our incredible country has to offer. I was so thrilled and humbled that my love of experimenting with our red earth has shone through; from the clay to the glazes that I have developed, it all came together in one very special pot.

The Exhibition Catalogue (of which I received a copy in the mail) showcased a beautiful photo of my pot in the first few pages; I couldn’t be happier. The pot sold at the exhibition and has gone to a new home, one that I am sure fell in love with both the form and the colour.

By Jackie Masters, Mar 6 2019 12:44PM

My plight to create coloured glazes and textural glazes that capture the Australian landscape and bushland are really starting to come together; these three are such a wonderful example of that. I cannot believe how incredible some of the volcanic/lava glaze sections are working. I spend so much time creating the colourful glazes that will work well with these rough and textured surfaces; they are something completely different, there is something new every time I open that kiln door and it so very exciting to be creating these pots; they make me so very happy. I truly love where I am right now, creating pieces that have so much thought and so many processes, but still somehow they manage to be modern with clean lines; it is a dream come true. With each glaze firing I fall in love with all my experiments, because they are working and the pots that are made from these risks that I take are proving to actually be 'right decisions' not just risks; I love that! I am so very thrilled to be sending pots like these all around the world; I am so humbled and appreciative of those who support my art and my work; thank you! So today I am sharing a happy insight into a great deal of time and effort that is paying off with good, modern pots that travel the world!

By Jackie Masters, Dec 10 2018 07:00AM

I am so very thrilled to have an article published in the November edition of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. Vicki Grima OAM, the Editor of the Magazine contacted me a few months ago with regards to running an article on me and my exploration of volcanic glazes. Putting it all together was quite a journey and one that sent me down memory lane. Looking back over my years with clay made me realise just how far I have come and how hard I have worked to get to where I am today. My most recent work, which features in the magazine, is a culmination of years of refining my throwing skills and my perseverance with glaze development and testing, all of which I love immensely. Vicki Grima came over to Perth to launch this latest edition (one of only 3 editions per year!) and to meet the amazing potters that are busy creating in this wonderful part of Australia.

The launch took place Perth Studio Potters (which is also where I teach) and there were over 70 potters and lovers of clay in attendance. My pottery journey is now in print (over 6 pages!) in this magnificent magazine. This, November edition, is all about 'Exploring Surface' so mine is just one of many incredible articles, from a plethora of very interesting Australian artists each of which talks about how they approach the clay surface. This is a

world class magazine, well worth a look, see www.australianceramics.com for more information.

Photo's below are: Me holding the Magazine (this lovely photo was taken by Tracey-Lee at Perth Studio Potters)

Then there is Vicki Grima OAM and myself

Finally a sneak peak of the article.

By Jackie Masters, Nov 14 2018 01:54PM

It was such an honour to receive the Technical Award at the Burt Street Gallery Selective Exhibition a few weeks ago. It was chosen by independent selectors David Forrest and Janis Nedela and I am sure they would have had a difficult task with all the incredible pots on offer. The pieces that I submitted were all variations of green/black and I have to say I was very pleased with the way they turned out. It was the middle bowl that won the award. These pots are made from Southern Ice Porcelain clay and high fired to around 1300 degrees. I am one very happy potter indeed!

By Jackie Masters, Jun 9 2018 01:44PM

The Empty Bowls Project Perth (supporting meals for the homeless) is underway, so I have spent a little time today creating a few bowls to donate to this worthy cause. Making bowls of course, is just the beginning, then there is the drying, trimming, bisque firing, cooling, unpacking, waxing, glazing, kiln packing, glaze firing, cooling, unpacking, sanding, packing and delivering to go; but for such a worthy cause and there are passionate potters all over Perth (in fact this is a worldwide project) madly making bowls that wonderful Perth people will buy, fill with donated soup (from amazing restaurants and café's) and then take their new found treasured bowl home to keep! A very nice way to get a hand-made pot!

The good news is that this is an incredibly, lovely way for people to come together to ultimately help feed the people that do not have permanent homes and need food, by supporting Foodbank. It is such an honour to be a tinsy, tiny part of this big project! If you are in Perth, you simply must come along to Christ Church Grammar School on Sunday 24th June, choose your favourite bowl and eat some soup while helping others; book your preferred eating time right now at: https://www.trybooking.com/book/sessions?eid=382374

By Jackie Masters, Apr 5 2018 10:47AM

What a day it has been! Setting up for the Botanica Exhibition down at the Moores Gallery in Fremantle. There are 10 amazing artists in total exhibiting and the work is exciting, fresh and diverse. With 2 lovely fellow potters, we spent the day re-painting the gallery plinths with white paint prior to arranging them and then setting up our work. It was excellent to see the gallery go from a large open space, to a structured and filled area.

There are some people to send a big thank you to and these are Natalie Acton for organising the event and pulling us altogether (even with only a month to go before baby is born), Jacek Gosalves for supporting Natalie, Danica Wichtermann for organising the payment system and Stewart Scambler for his generosity in lending us his own perfectly painted plinths (I love how potters club together!) Also, Samantha (I think) for the amazingly wonderful flyer, you are super talented indeed and your design is one that we all love so much.

Now awaiting opening night tomorrow! We are all super excited. Here are some pics of the set-up, lighting not completed yet, but still looking good!

By Jackie Masters, Mar 17 2018 02:04PM

Well…. where do I start? Maybe with the word EPIC and then START TO THE YEAR! Or maybe I should say ERIC start to the year! It all started with me, as a resident teacher at Perth Studio Potters, being asked to assist with the Eric Landon (Tortus) workshops. Basically, assisting him in running his workshop, pugging clay, talking to students, helping with lunches, cleaning up and getting to watch Eric in between all of that, not an opportunity I could pass up. So…. we chatted about my work and as he couldn’t access my website, the next day I brought some of my pieces in for him to see. He loved them and took two of them, yes, that’s right, Eric Landon of Tortus Copenhagen, loved my pots and will take them back home with him. Well, it didn’t end there, he posted a pic of my pots on his Instagram page (10/1/18) and that boosted my meagre number of followers immensely. Since then, I have worked very hard creating posts and have steadily gained followers and what can I say, I love telling a story and it seems that people must like what I am presenting. So that is the very beginning of my very pottery focussed year. More to tell as well….. soon!

Check out my Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/masters_jackie/

By Jackie Masters, Dec 4 2017 07:10AM

It was so lovely to meet some amazing people at Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar this weekend, even the exceptionally hot weather didn’t deter those eager supporters of handmade craft. Talking pottery for 3 days straight, to all the lovely shoppers, made it an absolute joy.

I was staggered by the number of people that were return customers, lovers of my volcanic glazes, there were a great number who came to purchase their 2nd, 3rd, or for some their 5th piece of my work, with others returning to buy for gifts. There were also a great deal of people who, fell in love with and bought their first piece and many asked if I would be back again next year.

So to all of my supporters, who braved the heat, thank you, it is for you that I make pots, I know my pieces will be going to good homes and will be cherished.

The great news is that now I have created some space in my studio, I can continue making and of course doing some more mad experiments with glazes (I just can’t help myself!)

By Jackie Masters, Nov 26 2017 01:00PM

Just where have the last few months gone? Well, they have certainly gone super fast, but have been so wonderfully filled with clay! I have tried to come up with some different things this year to showcase at the Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar, I hope to have something for everyone. I will not only have dog bowls that slow down their eating process, oven-proof bakers in which to cook cheese, but also some new volcanic pots adorned with my new experimental and vibrant glazes. So why not pop down and say hello, I am stall number 6.

2017 Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar Christmas Market

December 1-3

Friday night 5pm-10pm (the bar will be open as well as delicious food stalls!)

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

By Jackie Masters, Oct 8 2017 02:09PM

Formulating a new series of glazes, is a journey of discovery, one which takes you down many roads, crooked paths and is totally exciting and consuming. The last few months of intense testing has produced some incredible results which are not only rich in colour but also texture.

My idea of capturing the colours of the Australian landscape is becoming a reality. The brilliant iron reds of the outback, the intense blue of the sky and oceans, the vibrant green of the bush and the textures of limestone outcrops can now be readily seen in my work. Multiple glazes coming together on one piece, working together, blending and enhancing the shape of the thrown form, it is all quite humbling.

Below is a simple photo of pots on my bench that emerged from the kiln just a few days ago, a view from above of just some of the new colours; a pic I just love.

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