Ceramic Artist

Jackie Masters

About me

I LOVE CLAY!  All those that know me will confirm that and say that I'm simply obsessed.


I can't quite tell you why, it is something within, a calling or some such thing; but it is also the sharing of clay that has changed my life markedly.  The enjoyment I get from making pots is equal to that of sharing it and seeing others embrace this magnificent medium and work and create with it.  I am honoured to be part of my students own, individual journeys.  We work together, we create, and we evolve.  How simply magnificent.


My own work reflects my love of clay and of creating bespoke, unique glazes.  I spend countless hours conjuring up ideas of what to add in order to tweak and alter my existing cohort of colourful glazes; again, I'm obsessed.  


It is also the calculated touch of the trimming tool that I make during the turning process, that can make or break a pot.  I love pushing the leather hard clay to its limit, pushing to get the right weight and fee for the size.


It is so satisfying and humbling, to produce pots that people admire and want to own; it makes all the work and risk in the processes worth the effort.


The series I am currently pursuing is an effor to capture "The colours of Australia", which has become a passion and a joy to see my glaze testing unfold into incredible glazes.


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