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Jackie Masters



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There is something about hand-made pottery that makes it special, maybe it is how easily certain pieces become your favourites, the way they sit in your hands, that it evolved by the makers touch, or maybe it is the colour or texture of the glaze.  Whatever it is, hand made pottery certainly holds a certain magic.


So many things have to come together to make a pot. The pottery wheel, revolving fast to begin with and then slower as pots take their final shapes and are at their most vunerable is somewhat irrisistible and addictive. It is incredible how the slightest touch can make a big difference to the shape of the pot, or pushing it just that little bit too far causes collapse!


Making pots is one thing, but glazing them is another.  There is a thrill when opening a kiln that has glaze eperiments waiting inside and my addiction to glaze experimentation sees nearly all my glaze firings containing some sort of concoction. All of my glazes are made by me; from my experiments.  My latest series of glazes have been totally breathtaking, take a peak at these by clicking on the "NEW WORK" button.


Pottery is for now and for ever, it encapsulates our past and our future, it is thrilling and meditative all at the same time... Clay!

Perth Western Australia

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